Minimal Silence



The Band

Tina - Vocals


A fiercely protective mommy with a massively accurate ear for musical timing, not only is Tina our lead vocalist but she is also the pain in the ass in the studio making sure everything is timed to the milisecond.

Shane - Drums


Just take a moment. A short moment out of your time to imagine the pain, suffering and outright abuse suffered by the poor drum skins on Shane's kit. With an average lifespan of just 10 hours for the snare skin and a history of violent abuse of drum sticks, Shane is a demon with a drum kit who is also quite innovative with a guitar in his hands.

Martin - Bass


Take a guy who has played guitar for a while and shove a bass in his hands, trust me it works wonders. With an impressive back catalogue of solo material that we've been butchering for our own evil purposes, an ear for perfection and some insane melodic guitar and bass work gives you a plucky cocktail of awesomeness.

Ian - Guitar


After having (terrible) music shoved down his throat from a very young age, Ian did the only thing he possibly could: Rid himself of Dad's extremely bad self made tapes in the car, find a guitar and then play decent music. As well as being the band guitarist, Ian tries to handle the mixing and mastering of the bands songs too!

Raven Black EP - Coming soon

Raven Black EP - Coming soon